Melissa San Miguel“My life has been dedicated to ensuring opportunity for all and helping the people around me. This district is me – I was born here and my family lives here. Together we can change lives for the better.” – Melissa

Melissa San Miguel is a proud Democrat – born and raised in the Mission district of San Francisco. She is the daughter of immigrants and the proud product of a working-class union family and Lowell High. At an early age, Melissa saw the inequities in the schools and neighborhoods of her beloved city. She quickly understood the disgraceful gap in educational opportunities for low income people and people of color, and devoted herself to fixing it as an Education Advocate.

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Melissa’s Dad spent more than 30 years of his life in the boiler room of a hotel in San Francisco as a member of the stationary engineers union (IUOE, Local 39). Her brother joined the same union and is now the Chief Engineer at his building. Melissa’s parents were able to raise three their kids in a big city, and education was the cornerstone of their push to provide a better life for their kids. Melissa’s sister became a teacher and member of the AFT, joining the faculty at our local community college helping underserved high school students prepare for college-level work. Melissa’s mom was the glue that kept her family together – working hard day and night. It was her family that cemented Melissa’s understanding of the importance of hard work, fair play and standing up for what’s right.

After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley as the Valedictorian in the Political Science Department, Melissa served as an Executive Fellow at the California Department of Education and worked on issues such as early childhood education and foster youth services. She worked for California Forward as a Project Assistant promoting state fiscal reforms and local government empowerment. Melissa continued her efforts with The Education Trust-West, a statewide education advocacy group focused on closing the opportunity and achievement gaps for low-income students and students of color. Most recently, Melissa led a two-year legislative campaign at the National Center for Youth Law that increased education services and supports to 40,000 foster youth in California who were previously ineligible and successfully advocated for additional state dollars for these youth.

msm-graduateMelissa is proud of her work to help the underserved throughout the state and continues those efforts through her activity in the Democratic Party. She was an at-large Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention – nominating Barack Obama to be President. Melissa has been a leader in local political groups with an emphasis on getting things done, and not just talking!


Melissa San Miguel Statement on the recent Police Shootings

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My parents instilled in me the value of an education and I see it as the path to personal freedom. That’s why I’ve dedicated my career to serving underserved children – our kids who are low-income, Latino, African-American, English Learners and foster youth. Our children, especially those on the margins, absolutely need more resources, more focus and more attention paid to their needs. We must invest in the education and community organizations that support our young people so that they are able to thrive.

Housing / Development

We desperately need affordable housing in our neighborhoods. We need to build more and build smartly! It’s crucial that the community have input in the process. Any new developments must fit within the character of the neighborhoods and ensure as many people as possible with fewer resources are able to live in these buildings. It’s crucial that we have a coherent, holistic approach to development and eliminate the one off negotiations that discourage development.


I learned how to play my first instrument in SF public schools, which began a lifelong passion and love for music and the arts. Growing up, music became a way to express myself. I value the arts for its ability to broaden one’s horizons and provide a freedom of expression that benefits our society in amazing ways. We must continue to work to keep our art spaces alive and well, and make sure our artists can afford to live and work here. We need to make sure the art programs provided for our youth remain, and I will fight to ensure that STEAM education is a priority in our schools.

Policing / Public Safety

We need safe streets, but we also need a policing model that is truly respectful of our community. I know that the vast majority of officers are good and honorable people whose only desire is to serve our community and keep our families safe, however, there are serious problems that need to be addressed. It’s unacceptable that people of color must go into any interaction with officers concerned for their safety and well-being. We need an overhaul of the department and the way it trains its officers. We need officers that are a part of the community they serve. We need an end to a cycle of violence by officers that shouldn’t exist anywhere, let alone San Francisco.

Neighborhood Services

Strong neighborhood services are vital for our community. Clean streets, safe parks, vibrant youth development programs and robust senior services are essential for the health of our community. The only way to build and maintain a community is to nurture it with these invaluable services.

Women’s Issues

As a woman of color, I’m constantly thinking about what happens to our mothers, sisters, and daughters. The wage gap that persists is an affront and harmful to families, and unfortunately it gets even worse for women of color. We need to ensure there is quality affordable childcare so more women can comfortably work outside the home without having to be stressed about who’s going to watch our children. It’s so difficult to raise a family nowadays. Finally, we must continue the fight for paid parental and sick leave. Parents shouldn’t be concerned about losing their jobs or wages to take care of themselves or their families.


People who are experiencing homelessness are members of our community and deserve to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect. We need to find adequate, safe housing. We need to make sure they have access to mental health services or veterans services if needed. We need to put an emphasis on the large number of homeless children and families, and acknowledge the outrage that in San Francisco we have children sleeping on the streets. That’s unconscionable and I’ll be a leader in working to end homelessness in our city.